October 21st, 2012

Poke poke all :-D

Well it's a Sunday and its raining, why not mess around on IJ and actually update.

I'm doing fairly well considering. Some of you know already that I ended being one of the many that were dismissed from the academy. I suppose the positive thing is that it was unjustibly done and the captain from the sheriffs department ended up making a report against the academy because when I went to turn in my equipment, saw that my forearms and hands were burned. The academy is difficult which goes without question, but during our heat wave where temperatures reached 104-106 degrees, they had us do push ups and flutter kicks on new asphalt that has been heating up all day ( we did end up saying something but were yelled to keep our hand down on it for 5-10 mins. Several times a day). The captain ended up furious at the mistreatment and misconduct in which they were training us considering that they were dismissing people without cause and we are not suppose to be trained to withstand being burned. So all in all because I was in good standings within the academy (technically) and they thought I have a strong background and character, I can return to a different academy.

In the mean time, they ended up having me work in personal then found me a job working as a bailiff/ court officer. It's pretty fun and I love the people I work with, but I just wish I got paid more lol. It's fun to listen to all the crazy cases and be on the other side of working with attorneys. I'm the one that runs the show and get to boss attorneys around lol. I've actually ran into people I use to work with already and I may have made some of them last in the order of 70 or 80. Yep, never piss off those that work for you because you never know when the tables will turn >:-).

Oh, and it seems things may have worked out at the end of things. While out of academy, I found out that they no longer have deputies work search and rescue really. It seems that it has move to being more volunteer based, so I submitted my application there as well as began volunteering for project wildlife, helping animals and the environment. I figure I'll continue to add to my resume with things and continue my education when I can. At least I have my business degree, but it would be nice to get my "environmental" degree, so I may consider doing park rangers/ forestry or something with animals which is what I really wanted to do with the county. Who know though, working for the county offers me a lot of options.

On the update for my mother, unfortunately she had surgery 2 weeks ago and her pathology report did't come back well. It came back with her doctors disappointed that there were a lot more live cancer cells around than they expected to find, so it's like she's having to start at square one all over again. She has to have surgery again tomorrow, so I may be online if anyone wants to chat or play words with friends (obsessed with that game).

WWF Username: Silvia can't spell crap ( don't judge me :-P)

I will also try to catch up on IJ and good lord, all the BB entries *iz taken aback by all that I need to catch up on*

Heart you all and hope things have been going well.
Please tell me anything new that I may have missed or gosh any randomness you would love to tell me.
Deep dark secrets are always fun to ;-)