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Oct. 21st, 2012

Poke poke all :-D

Well it's a Sunday and its raining, why not mess around on IJ and actually update.

I'm doing fairly well considering. Some of you know already that I ended being one of the many that were dismissed from the academy. I suppose the positive thing is that it was unjustibly done and the captain from the sheriffs department ended up making a report against the academy because when I went to turn in my equipment, saw that my forearms and hands were burned. The academy is difficult which goes without question, but during our heat wave where temperatures reached 104-106 degrees, they had us do push ups and flutter kicks on new asphalt that has been heating up all day ( we did end up saying something but were yelled to keep our hand down on it for 5-10 mins. Several times a day). The captain ended up furious at the mistreatment and misconduct in which they were training us considering that they were dismissing people without cause and we are not suppose to be trained to withstand being burned. So all in all because I was in good standings within the academy (technically) and they thought I have a strong background and character, I can return to a different academy.

In the mean time, they ended up having me work in personal then found me a job working as a bailiff/ court officer. It's pretty fun and I love the people I work with, but I just wish I got paid more lol. It's fun to listen to all the crazy cases and be on the other side of working with attorneys. I'm the one that runs the show and get to boss attorneys around lol. I've actually ran into people I use to work with already and I may have made some of them last in the order of 70 or 80. Yep, never piss off those that work for you because you never know when the tables will turn >:-).

Oh, and it seems things may have worked out at the end of things. While out of academy, I found out that they no longer have deputies work search and rescue really. It seems that it has move to being more volunteer based, so I submitted my application there as well as began volunteering for project wildlife, helping animals and the environment. I figure I'll continue to add to my resume with things and continue my education when I can. At least I have my business degree, but it would be nice to get my "environmental" degree, so I may consider doing park rangers/ forestry or something with animals which is what I really wanted to do with the county. Who know though, working for the county offers me a lot of options.

On the update for my mother, unfortunately she had surgery 2 weeks ago and her pathology report did't come back well. It came back with her doctors disappointed that there were a lot more live cancer cells around than they expected to find, so it's like she's having to start at square one all over again. She has to have surgery again tomorrow, so I may be online if anyone wants to chat or play words with friends (obsessed with that game).

WWF Username: Silvia can't spell crap ( don't judge me :-P)

I will also try to catch up on IJ and good lord, all the BB entries *iz taken aback by all that I need to catch up on*

Heart you all and hope things have been going well.
Please tell me anything new that I may have missed or gosh any randomness you would love to tell me.
Deep dark secrets are always fun to ;-)

Jul. 20th, 2012

Extra Extra!

I keep forgetting to do my positive update. As some of you know, I’ve been in the process of joining the Sheriff’s department since December. This last weekend was my final testing consisting of a 6 ft wall + run, 6 ft chain link fence + run, 165 dummy drag, 99 yard obstacle course, and 500 yard dash. I’ve been training like crazy for the last 2 months or so and I am happy to say I PASSED!!! I start the academy August 13th, beginning my 6 months of hell lol. It's a risk of course, but I’m excited, nervous, and overall I’m going to try my best to succeed in it.

I’m so going to miss my friend’s and I boredom day of drawing and griping at work lol.
We are both going in the academy together though, so we will just be the nightmare team for our trainers.

Here are some random text drawings of ours lol.

Beware of quarky pic-age )

Yep, we so work hard.

Jun. 19th, 2012

Spectacular Craptacular!

I’m sure most have figured out from my posts that I really don’t have the best of luck. I’ve come to expect it over the years, but I have to say that this year has been the most emotionally trying year that I’ve had thus far.

I should really try and find more positive things to post about, but alas...

Oi is Oi )
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So I’ll be slow commenting, but I’m around (I’m not ignoring anyone or think works are craptacular). I’m just reading and catching up on posts.
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Apr. 20th, 2012

My NYC Trip and More!

Okie Doke, I finally have time to update you lovelies of my trip to NYC that you’ve been asking me about and RL since then. I’ve been going freaking crazy with how busy I am at the moment!

*** Beware of major Pic Spam ***

Seminars and NYC Trip  )

Easter in the Desert  )

Recent RL & Photography Competition  )

*** And for making through this entire post, here is your reward above the cut :-D ***

I hope to catch up on commenting soon and get that blasted coding done for our SS house points table, but it being Birthday week (Yay for going to a rodeo tomorrow) who knows when I’ll get it done. I’m so close to being done to, dang it!

Peace Yo’s

Feb. 14th, 2012

Oh My Gosh I have so much to tell! *Squee*

Warning: There is kinda a NSFW art by veridari behind zis cut…  )

So I’m laughing, smiling, and just enjoying life.

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Jan. 18th, 2012

Saving Grace

I’m writing this as a saving grace for myself. )
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Nov. 29th, 2011


Yay for updates  )
*Send cards to f-list

(If you would like me to send you one if you aren’t already on my list, send me a message to either yahoo IM or email under my user info.)

*Finally I hope to get one fic out that I have in mind. I did participate on [info]torino10154’s Blowjob Friday challenge (Typed it on my phone over the weekend, trying to hide it from the bf), but I’m just waiting to get it back from editing. I know it’s late, but ah well, whose going to turn down porn lol.
**Update: It can be read here **Click** if you want to read it before I post it on my page**

I hope to catch up on everyone’s entries soon when I have time to read through them. I think I’m stuck in mid November lol, but have no fear I shall be back to comment whoring in no time.

I hope everyone stays safe through all the Holiday cheer coming up and wish you all nothing but the best!

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Oct. 24th, 2011

The Jury’s verdict is Guilty

Ok, I’m typing a post in hopes that I can relieve the guilt that has been plaguing my mind.

RL Confession of a Nightmare )
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Oct. 6th, 2011

Yay for my first flame comment!

I thought I should commemorate my first flame on my writing, Dangerous Liaisons.

I always new this day would come, it was just a matter of time. It wasn't too bad, so I should be fortunate of that, she just questioned my characters dialogue and actions. Oh, and that I need to make it a chaptered fic. in order to explain things further lol.

*Le Sigh*

Can't all be winners.

P.S. We all have different preferences on how stories should be told, so I'm just laughing it off and moving on. People will either like it or hate it. I accept both hand in hand, so don't be afraid to say something to me about my writing and I will do my best to explain my reasonings or take your suggestions.
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Sep. 30th, 2011

Hah! So procrastinating.

Oh this was a good laugh, so I thought I would share.

Ok, I better get back to typing before [info]roozetter decides to fillet me for not posting something up this weekend for the SS challenge.

Sep. 26th, 2011

I need a Vacation

RL update  )

Oi, I just want to curl up with some tea and a blanket so I can read in peace without stressing out. Alas, work beckons.

So, I decided to do comments on one post to catch me up to date.

[info]leela_cat: Behaving appropriately is overrated. I say be who you are and live it up. You only live once.

[info]alisanne: What can I say… You are awesome as always lol. Finding His Rhythm was a fab. read.

[info]accioslash: I’ll get to that Quiz eventually! Yay for Quiz addictions.

[info]torino10154: Hah! Tools of the Trade was too funny. Oh, those boys and their kinky ways.

[info]joanwilder: Highlander Holiday Shortcuts Exchange Fest- Awesome! Man, why must everything be on LJ and not IJ though!

Sorry to everyone else if I've missed your post, but I have just been skimming through with stuff.

Have a good day all.
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Sep. 14th, 2011

Taken from accioslash

you are olivedrab

Your dominant hues are green and yellow. There's no doubt about the fact that you think with your head, but you don't want to be seen as boring and want people to know about your adventurous streak now and again.

Your saturation level is higher than average - You know what you want, but sometimes know not to tell everyone. You value accomplishments and know you can get the job done, so don't be afraid to run out and make things happen.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.

I honestly think I can't discount any of this lol. The adventure streak and the morbid sense of humor to see positive in the negative especially. Plus, I love olive green :-)

Mom: I think if you were to see a therapist they would say you are clinically depressed on their scale.

Me: What!? What are you talking about? I just have a dark sense of humor and realistic view of how the world works.

Mom: Yeah... But you would still have an 8 out of 10 of their depression scale is all I'm saying.

Me: Fine, I have a positive outlook on depression then. I'm not going to change it.
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Thank You. - Web Banner Designs

It's been one Hell of a week and it's only Wednesday. I just wanted to thank all those writers and commenters out there and let you know I appreciate all the time and effort you put in. You really do make a difference when things in RL are challenging. You create a simple escape and offer a sympathetic ear through your works and cheers, especially when they are relatable to current tribulations.

*Hugs all*
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Sep. 8th, 2011

A Two Year old Temper Tantrum

Gah! Ok, I give up with posting anything to Walking the Plank. I don’t understand it. I see works posted and verified that have just recently been created a few days ago, but I’ve had some drabbles hanging out in limbo for over a year. I mean we are talking about two 300 word drabbles and a 3,000 word fic here, but I see 3,000+ word fics being approved over the last several months. It’s just annoying because I was under the assumption that they were working down a list rather than just picking and choosing.

*Sigh* Oh well. I’m a new writer to fanfiction, so I suppose it’s to be expected.

Anyone know of any good reputable sites to post to?
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Sep. 6th, 2011

Busy Bee, Eating Veggies

Well, I'm here again bored since things had been pretty laid back on IJ today and I've caught up over the weekends mail of IJ fanfiction. Not much to do, so I thought I'd bore you all with a RL post.

*Pounding sounds from a closed word document*

What was that? Pounding? I don't hear any pounding. Ah, no you must of heard something else because I don't hear any Snarry fic documents that I'm suppose to be working on ^.^'

*Kicks Word*

On with ze RL stuff... )
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Aug. 4th, 2011


Well since nothing is really going on in IJ today, I’m just bored enough to create a post while purposely trying not to look at my cliché fest entry that is glaring at me lol. I am seriously insane to think of participating, but eh it’s what I say every time I attempt a fic with a deadline. Maybe I’ll actually get it done on time *gasp*. I currently have about 1,500 words down which is my new record thus far, but I have a loooong way to go. All I can say is that I already feel bad for my future beta.

*Shakes fist in the air* Dang you dialog and past/present tense difficulties!!!

RL Rant... )

Jan. 27th, 2011


Unspoken words, how can they be so tainted
They cover dove colored paper to reveal a message
The words themselves have no meaning
No purpose, but to tarnished the innocence of my soul

Twist and turn do the lines weave in a sea blackness
Yet, when pages are turned and words uncovered
A crystal tear blurs the scars of the ink.

Like rain the droplets fall
Washing away each word
Each line
Each memory
Yes, each memory

For even those unspoken words strung together hold meaning.
They hold the heavy hearts and heavier realities
There are flowers that bloom in spring
There are leaves that fall in autumn
But not today

For the rain of sorrows cascade
Frail fingers like ribbons of silk
Stain with each caress
Traces of everything
Traces of nothing
Leaving only the ever fading, innocence of my soul

Dec. 29th, 2010


Heavy heart
Heavy chains
Break them free
By doves of purity

The thundering realization
By Scars of a life
The Knowledge of nothing
I Ride to a new beginning

With feelings clear
Clouds Part away
The rays of light linger through
Days turn to nights
Still with hands up above grasping
Towards stars Glistening with wishes of a future

Life and the decision of right from wrong
My heart and voice is open
The spirit of a fighter
Hope sent by angels
I pray to thee

Time tests will
Will is the effort
Faced with a path
In I take your breath
I pray to thee

A new awakening
The darkness now fades
As the sun now arises
Our life... our treasure
I pray to thee

The hands of grace
Neither flesh nor entity
The essence
God I pray to thee

May the grace of God be with me
This cross I willingly bear.
To give me the strength
Please God... Be My Salvation

Oct. 25th, 2010

Adventure Junkie

Life is either an incredible adventure…or nothing at all

My life’s story has been filled with many ups and downs that were harder than others and easier than others. Each of our lives is no less significant than the other, but we all choose our own way to walk through life to make it impactful or not.

I have deemed, as well as others, myself as an adventure junkie.

I try to gain new experiences and explore the world because more often life is just too short. I learn a new hobby/sport and excel at it then move on to the next one.

There is no other feeling like doing something dangerous and so daring.

In a way it gives your life so much meaning and life that the day to day dullness.

I want so much out of life and sometimes More... )
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Oct. 7th, 2010

My Love

Be Strong
Close Your eyes and shut out the World
Feel my touch

My arms embrace you
Warm, safe, surrounding
The smell of my perfume
The feel of skin and hair

Think of us and the Unbinding Love we share
The future that holds for us
So bright, yet unclear

I hold you tighter with hands intertwining
Know that there is Hope
Though there's pain from those we Cherish most

Hear my words barley a whisper
I Love You
With the unspoken vow to always protect you

Our hearts beating as One
Be safe and feel calm
Rest Your Head on my shoulder
I Caress you so gently
My voice ever lingers

I am here
I am here

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