Jan. 27th, 2011


Unspoken words, how can they be so tainted
They cover dove colored paper to reveal a message
The words themselves have no meaning
No purpose, but to tarnished the innocence of my soul

Twist and turn do the lines weave in a sea blackness
Yet, when pages are turned and words uncovered
A crystal tear blurs the scars of the ink.

Like rain the droplets fall
Washing away each word
Each line
Each memory
Yes, each memory

For even those unspoken words strung together hold meaning.
They hold the heavy hearts and heavier realities
There are flowers that bloom in spring
There are leaves that fall in autumn
But not today

For the rain of sorrows cascade
Frail fingers like ribbons of silk
Stain with each caress
Traces of everything
Traces of nothing
Leaving only the ever fading, innocence of my soul

Dec. 29th, 2010


Heavy heart
Heavy chains
Break them free
By doves of purity

The thundering realization
By Scars of a life
The Knowledge of nothing
I Ride to a new beginning

With feelings clear
Clouds Part away
The rays of light linger through
Days turn to nights
Still with hands up above grasping
Towards stars Glistening with wishes of a future

Life and the decision of right from wrong
My heart and voice is open
The spirit of a fighter
Hope sent by angels
I pray to thee

Time tests will
Will is the effort
Faced with a path
In I take your breath
I pray to thee

A new awakening
The darkness now fades
As the sun now arises
Our life... our treasure
I pray to thee

The hands of grace
Neither flesh nor entity
The essence
God I pray to thee

May the grace of God be with me
This cross I willingly bear.
To give me the strength
Please God... Be My Salvation

Oct. 7th, 2010

My Love

Be Strong
Close Your eyes and shut out the World
Feel my touch

My arms embrace you
Warm, safe, surrounding
The smell of my perfume
The feel of skin and hair

Think of us and the Unbinding Love we share
The future that holds for us
So bright, yet unclear

I hold you tighter with hands intertwining
Know that there is Hope
Though there's pain from those we Cherish most

Hear my words barley a whisper
I Love You
With the unspoken vow to always protect you

Our hearts beating as One
Be safe and feel calm
Rest Your Head on my shoulder
I Caress you so gently
My voice ever lingers

I am here
I am here